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Coding as a Craft

Coding should be taught to children alongside traditional “core” subjects, suggests this article. I don’t disagree that it would be good to teach kids the basic of coding. Vocational and crafts training has long been an integral part of successful educational systems throughout the world – for example, look up “sloyd“.

I do, however, take some umbrage at this quote:

“What’s fascinating about computer science is that it requires analytical skills, problem solving and creativity, while also being both foundational and vocational,” says Hadi Partovi, co-founder of, a nonprofit organization that promotes coding education. “I’m not sure there’s any other field that’s all those combined.”

I think any craft skill and most art skills have that, along with most skilled trades. Don’t believe me? Go look at an early 20th century machinist’s handbook or textbook! Check out the carpentry text from the days when carpenters started with rough cut wood and a folding rule (no offense to present day carpenters, there were just fewer shortcuts and pre-built components then).

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