Utensil Racks!

I have added utensil racks to the lineup.  These are designed to mount to the wall and they have moveable hooks so you can hang spoons, spatulas, etc from them.  I can also make heavier-duty models that will hold pots and pans.  I can make them to any width, but I plan on having a few with 16″ on center mounting holes on hand, this is the standard width for studs in residential construction so these should work in most houses.  Overall width will be around 18″.  I can, of course, custom make other designs and widths.

This particular one has heart shaped finials and is 14″ on center.  It’s a short one that I made as a sort of sample for craft fairs.  It would make a great key holder or utensil holder.  It comes with 4 hooks, but you can buy additional hooks.  I wouldn’t use more than 6 on something this short.

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